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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [1.5.0] Are we ready ? Take 2
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2007 22:40:11 GMT
Hi guys,

last week, I sent a mail about a release of ADS 1.5.0. Alex said that we 
should be OK. I have gone through all the remaining issues today, and 
did a kind of "spring cleaning" : all the remaining issues have been 
postponed to 1.5.1 version. The rational is that we badly need to tag a 
version. ADS 1.5.0 contains a *lot* of new features, like :
- a new schema handling (now, no more need to use a maven plugin to 
declare new object classes and attributes)
- Java 1.5 only code
- some huge performance increase (over 25% faster than ADS 1.0.1)
and many more.

Now, we want to have a stable platform to introduce new features like 
SASL, OSGi, InMemory backend, etc. We also need a platform which can be 
used by people willing to experiment top bleeding OpenSource Ldap Server 
(and benefit from being listed as contributor through the numerous JIRA 
issues and patches they will create and provide ;)
We also need a stable platform for the next version of LdapStudio which 
will implement the new SchemaEditor version, suporting this new schema 
Last, not least, this stable platform will help our great documenters to 
cut their teeth on some serious material...

So, before we launch a vote, any objection ? Anything to add ?


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