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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [OSGi] Adding Manifests to Dependency Jars
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 20:18:14 GMT
Hey John,Enrique, Alex, Carlos

(Carlos I decided to copy you in at the last minute here - Could you 
please comment on the below as well).

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes - I saw Carlos's thread about starting an OSGi repo on maven dev.

He mentioned that the felix plugin will process the build dependency 
tree and create OSGi bundles as well.

I have a feeling the process would be a lot shorter if we just processed 
the maven repository in two passes.

1) First generate and add the Manifest to each jar in the maven repository.
2) Run the RPM Factory on those jars.

Now the RPM mirror and the Maven OSGi Repository are in sync.  And all 
this is completely transparent to users.

This ensures that the Jars installed by yum have the required OSGi metadata.

Then when new artifacts are added to the repository, whoever adds them 
would run the OSGi manifest mojo first,
then add the artifacts.  If the project was built against the OSGi 
compliant repository,manifestize the artifacts produced by the project.
Maybe the felix mojo works like that already.  I'll check.

I'll give the process a test run.  In the end the only difference should 
be that I'm doing the whole
or a filtered subset of the entire repository, and the felix plugin just 
does the dependency tree.

So both the felix plugin and my plugin would produce the same result.  
The only difference is the number of jars processed.


- Ole

John E. Conlon wrote:
> Hi Ole,
> Must say that your RPM effort is both imaginative and bold so I am 
> looking forward to seeing how it develops! 
> Your right - for OSGi, our jars and our dependency jars would require 
> OSGi metadata, but I think the idea of the RPMFactory adding that OSGi 
> metadata might be 'A Bridge too Far'.
> When the time comes for it I think ADS following the best practices 
> pioneered at Felix and using the osgi plugin would be the safest bet.
> BTW - The maven team is considering to dual purpose maven repos for 
> both development and OSGi application install/upgrades.  This will 
> allow a yum like install/upgrade service for OSGi applications via the 
> Felix Bundle Repository commands.
> kind regards,
> John
> Ole Ersoy wrote:
>> John,
>> You would probably be the one to answer this.
>> The RPM Factory will create RPMs out of all the maven repository jars.
>> I think for OSGi, those jars need to have a manifests added as well.
>> Would it be helpful if the RPMFactory generated the manifests and 
>> added them
>> to the jars prior to packaging them?
>> Cheers,
>> - Ole

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