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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [SASL] SASL configuration
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 14:02:38 GMT
Hey Enrique,

This is slightly OT (Off Thread), but still in a remote vicinity somewhere.

John was wondering a while back whether it made sense to load ApacheDS
and related configuration files using EMF, in the interested of generating
Eclipse Plugin Editors for editing configuration files and straight 
forward refactoring and versioning
of configuration file schemas.

If we want to add/remove configuration elements/attributes we simply 
update the Ecore model,
and regenerate and it's done.  All the editors, etc. are automatically 
updated.  We could also
create an editor similar to the Eclipse plugin.xml editor, that has tabs 
for various configuration files
very easily with this type of approach.

EMF also supports demand loading of proxy references.  This means that 
if we wanted
to we could access all configuration information through one central 
model, but the
configuration information is still maintained in separate files.  Each 
file is demand
loaded when configuration information contained in a proxy reference is 

Anyways, just thought I'd mention it for awareness and in case you think 
it might come in handy
while reviewing the configuration topology.

- Ole

Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
> I looked at the way ApacheDS does Spring config, the relationship with
> the daemon code, etc., and I'm ready to start in on configuration for
> SASL.  What I'd like to do is create a bean for the LDAP protocol
> provider that resides in the protocol-ldap module, maybe named
> LdapProtocolConfiguration.  This would contain the SASL parameters and
> I could also move over the 3 properties that are used by the LDAP PP
> from the ServerStartupConfiguration:
> maxSizeLimit
> maxTimeLimit
> isAllowAnonymousAccess
> Enrique

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