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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [LDAP] Merging server-ssl with protocol-ldap
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2007 23:36:11 GMT
Enrique Rodriguez a écrit :

> On 3/11/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
>> ...
>> My point is that the less hard coded values we have in the code, the
>> better. Storing infos in a real partition, loading them with a Ldif file
>> (which is already an available option in ADS) seems easy and
>> confortable. But at this point, again, let's do whatever necessary to
>> have a 1.5.0 with SASL.
> I agree to not hard-code config.  I did that to get a cut of SASL in
> that passes integration tests.  I also think config in the DIT is a
> good idea.  But, if we put SASL config in the DIT then we have split
> config between DIT and XML.

True. This is what I think we should go for xml in 1.5.0, and evaluate 
the cost of charging the conf in the DIT for 1.5.1

> Are you proposing an initiative to move
> all config to the DIT?  

Yep. This is something we have in mind, considering that we now have 
LdapStudio, which can be customized to manage the configuration in a 
cool manner. Of course, a Ldif/DSML file to startup the server will be 

> That would be a sizable project and that's
> where my concern is.  Anyway, we seem to agree on getting the config
> into Spring XML first.


>> Keep in mind that we want to deliver a 1.5.0 before end of march, if
>> possible. If we can include SASL in it, that would be great. Otherwise,
>> this will be for 1.5.1, so it's 2 to 3 months far in the future
>> (hopefully for ApacheConEU, but this is not mandatory).
> OK, a bit of a misunderstanding, then.  I thought 1.5.0 was any day
> now, in which case a whole new set of features for SASL and Start TLS
> would be too late, so I was targeting a 1.5.1.

Well, we can release 1.5.0 now, and put SASL in 1.5.1, then the config 
change could be done for 1.5.2. This is not really important.

> But, we could hit
> 1.5.0 with just updating the config and merging the SASL branch.
> Also, if the Start TLS grant comes in, I'm sure we can get that in
> there, too; pretty easily by the end of March.  Would be a nice
> release.

Let's do that in 1.5.1 then. 1.5.0 is about fixing some bugs.

The point is that we should close a version sson before we have too much 
divergence between your branch and the trunks...

> Enrique

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