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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: [Authenticator] Question regarding encrypted passwords
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2007 10:24:44 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> is it the server responsability to compare the user's password against 
> an encrypted form or should the client encrypt the password before 
> sending it to the server ?
> I mean, we can have one of those two possibilities :
> 1) [client] --(clear password)--> <network> --> [server] --> encrypt the

> password and compares it to the stored encrypted password
> or
> 2) [client] --(encrypt password)--> <network> [server] --> compares the 
> encrypted password and compares it to the stored encrypted password
> ...
> PS : we have solution 1 currently implemented. Is it correct ?

Hi Emmanuel!

Option 1 is currently implemented. The client can not authenticate via 
simple bind with the encrypted (digested) value. S/he must send the 
password in clear (ideally via ldaps). See here:

Providing the hashed value of the userpassword attribute instead of the 
original value will be rejected by ApacheDS:

$ ldapsearch -h zanzibar -p 10389 -D "cn=Horatio 
Hornblower,ou=people,o=sevenSeas" \\
     -w "{SHA}nU4eI71bcnBGqeO0t9tXvY1u5oQ=" -b "ou=people,o=sevenSeas" 
-s base "(objectclass=*)"
ldap_simple_bind: Invalid credentials
ldap_simple_bind: additional info: Bind failed: null

This is intended. If someone was able to catch this value (from an LDIF 
export for instance), s/he must still provide the password itself in 
order to get authenticated.

This is why I think option 2 is not recommended at all. By the way: the 
following servers behave exactly the same:

* OpenLDAP 2.3
* Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2
* IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.0


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