Hi Paul,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I think setting up a simple cron job to sync the content over is better than the rewrite rules.  We certainly would like to have the redundancy and rapid fail over that other sites enjoy. 

Hopefully we can get a response from some of the folks that were involved in setting up the site so we can quickly rectify this situation.


On 2/26/07, Paul Querna <pquerna@apache.org> wrote:
Hello dev@directory;

Us over in infrastructure noticed something different about
http://directory.apache.org/ this morning.  Well, first thing was, that
it was down. (And people noticed, and told us!)

But when we looked into it, we thought it was pretty odd, since eos (the
T2000 that all of the main websites are currently hosted on) was doing
fine, and all the other TLP sites seemed up.

What we found was a cute series of RewriteRules in the main
directory.apache.org .htaccess file:
$ cat /x1/www/directory.apache.org/.htaccess
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://cwiki.apache.org/DIRxSITE/$1 [P,L]

So, most of the content on directory.apache.org is being proxied to
cwiki.apache.org aka brutus.apache.org.

From an infrastructure perspective, this creates an unacceptable
dependency between services.  brutus.apache.org (and CWiki) will go
down.  They just aren't setup to be redundant right now.

In comparison,  the (static) content under /x1/www is mirrored to
multiple machines in multiple data centers, and in the case of a failure
we can quickly (and relatively painlessly) switch it to another machine.

The preferred method is to export the static files from brutus, onto
people.apache.org, into your /x1/www/directory.apache.org/ directory.
Many other TLPs do this via a crontab on people.apache.org.  If you need
help setting this up, we would be happy to help get you started.