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Just wanted to run this release announcement by everyone before posting it to the announce mailing list.


The Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of ApacheDS 1.0.1, a pure-Java LDAP server and more. Our primary vision is to build an enterprise directory server platform and its components where other Internet services snap in to store their data within the directory so they may be managed using LDAP. Those services include LDAP itself, DNS, DHCP, Change Password and Kerberos.

ApacheDS 1.0.1 fixes several bugs found in the initial 1.0 release of Apache DS back in Oct. 2006.  The change log follows below:



This version along with all other 1.0.x releases has been and will be certified by the Open Group as a compliant LDAPv3 server.

ApacheDS 1.0.x Features:

The Apache Directory team is looking for more developers and of course users to help grow the community and give feedback.

Mailing list information is at:

http://directory.apache.org/mail-lists.html .

Check ApacheDS at http://directory.apache.org for more information.

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