Looks like you sent this twice.  Again file a JIRA issue and I'll start debugging the problem.  Please give us some sample data that shows this error and if possible a test case to isolate the problem so we can fix it rapidly.

Here's something that might help:


If you use the testcase archetype and then modify the test case to contain the dataset in the server that reproduces this search bug then we can get on it fast.

Just add the tarball of your test project to the JIRA issue you create for this as an attachment. 


On 2/26/07, marek-apacheds <marek-apacheds@o2.pl> wrote:
I have installed 1.0.1 version of apache DS. I successfully connected to it. When I use filter:
- (cn=Marek) - ok
- (!(cn=*)) - ok
- (!(cn=Marek)) - Failed to resolve primary name for in user index lookup [Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException: OID '' was not found within the OID registry]
It is written in documentation at http://directory.apache.org/apacheds/1.0/242-ldap-operations-searching.html that "not" operator is suported, but I see that it is partially supported.
Am I doing anything wrong or is it a system bug?