On 2/21/07, Norval Hope <> wrote:
Committed single file fix and also fixed about 25% of the javadoc warnings in ApacheDS proper (sorry can't afford more time just at the moment).

No worries that's OSS right :).

Note that:
  1. Javadoc in JDK1.6 (finally) has the fatal error on encountering a malformed <a link within a javadoc comment fixed, so it's worth using it when debugging javadoc problems

Good to know.

  2. Two errors are still reported at the end of the javadoc run, but it's impossible to tell which of the 350 odd remaining warnings they relate too. I was building the javadoc via my IDE so I'm not sure whether Maven will be upset by whatever is causing these errors or not.

I think this is something we just need to work gradually over time.  Glad you have it on the radar screen.