Hi Chad,

On 2/21/07, Chad Zezula <czezula@iditarodsys.com> wrote:

My customer is excited about using ApacheDS as their directory server, but they want to deploy only an "official" build with replication capabilities. 

Please be informed that although the 1.5.x branch will produce official releases the branch is intended for feature releases where we introduce new features.  Although the quality of the releases will be significant since we merge bug fixes from 1.0.x into this branch it is primarily for testing new features.

These features will be stabilized in the 1.6.x branch.  The rule of thumb to follow with ADS releases is that even minor numbers are stable releases with bug fixes only and odd minor numbers are feature introduction releases. 

Since this functionality is planned for ApacheDS 1.5, I have been asked to understand the timeline for 1.5.

1.5.0 will be released soon after 1.0.1: we're talking a matter of a week or two.

I understand with ApacheDS being open source that any estimate will not be entirely accurate, but could someone give me a best guess as to when ApacheDS 1.5 will be available for official download?  A few weeks, a few months?  Thank you for any help you can provide.

Weeks is a good guess yeah. 

BTW thanks for responding to the dev list after contacting me personally.