See there is a use case for triggers on non-write operations :).  This is a good example of that I think.


On 2/19/07, Ersin Er <> wrote:
On 2/19/07, Harakiri <> wrote:
> Hello,


> i've read the guides on the apacheds HP, but im unsure
> where to start - triggers seem to be right.
> What i want to achieve is - unauthenticated users
> search for a name (for example) - if the name is not
> found in the repository/backend a trigger should
> create this entry with some default values and return
> the newly inserted data to the requesting user...

Current implementation of Triggers allow firing events upon change
inducing operations only. Although we have modeled Triggers for all
kind of operations they have not been implemented yet.

> Can this be done ? Where should i start looking ? Has
> it something to do with interceptors ? Maybe intercept
> the search, search through the API by yourself - it it
> doesnt exist - create - after that the interceptor
> would call the "normal" search routine...

You can simply implement this via Interceptors. All of ApacheDS
services are based on Interceptors and for advanved needs Interceptors
fit best. There are lots of examples in ApacheDS code to learn how to
develop Interceptors.

You may also look at some presentation materials here:

> I greatly appreciate any starting hints where to look
> Thanks