Thanks Alex for taking the time to review the new packages.

What architecture is the MacOSX release for?  You might want to include
the architecture (i386 vs. PPC) in the name.

It works on both PPC and Intel Macs. It's some kind of Universal Binary.

BTW I will presume all installation footprints to be the same.

Yes, they are.

Do me a favor and also include a source distribution tarball (can be
tarball of the svn export of LS) with the set of distributables.  Will
be nice to have it in the mix.  For Apacheds we include the source with
the installers but we're going to need to separate them because it's
making the installer too large.

Sure, I'll packaged the sources in a zip archive, including some documentation on how to use/build it.

Great Job!  You'll get my +1 for a release vote.

Cool. :)
So let's start the release vote.