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On 2/2/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
Hi guys,

first, I have to tell you that I'mp impressed with the progress you made with the new site ! It's pretty impessive.
Ok, then, there are some problmes with images.

I agree that we should have a wider central page to allow images to be exposed correctly. What I would suggest is to design the site targeting 1024x768, and set both side to the bare minimum so we just see the shadow, but not much more (that would mean something like 15 pixels x 2 + 20 pixels for the slider). We will gain around150 pixels in the middle page, which should be enough.

For all of us happy enough to have a 1900x1600 wide screen, this is pretty ok ;)

FYI, 1024x768 is still 58% of all browsers, slowly increasing (higher resolution is increasing slowly...) (stats from

Emmanuel Lécharny