I see you mean. But we can't really do that because of the header and footer images. If we set a left and right margin of, let's say 15 pixels, then the size of the content part is not going to be the same if you open the site with different window sizes. Since the header and footer images have a static width, this would be a big problem.

But I understand the current width of the content may be a problem for some documentation listings that run out of the design.

The current size of the site (shadows included) is 819 pixels width. Let's say I increase this width to be optimized for 1024*768 displays. That's about 200 pixels more than the current version.
I'll increase the size of the left navigation bar of some pixels. (Do you have an example where the navigation bar is too small ? I could not find one... On the Directory homepage, the menu is a little too small from around 3 to 5 pixels I think.)
That gives us around 190 more pixels for the content area...

I'll make a test site with these ideas and post the link on the ML.


On 2/2/07, Ersin Er <ersin.er@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all and PAM!,

I have a suggestion on site design. How about widening the used area
of the web pages so that we only have space on each right and left
side as same as we have at the top and bottom of pages, say something
like 10-15 pixels? If we do this, we can also increase the size of the
left navigation bar a bit because some menu items do not fit there. At
the end we'll have more space for documentation pages especially and
it will still look good I guess.