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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject Re: [Kerberos] Kerberos + Wicket
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 05:09:17 GMT
On 2/19/07, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
> Hi, Directory developers,


> As part of documenting practical uses of Apache Directory for Kerberos
> authentication, I got Kerberos authentication to a Wicket web app
> working.  This uses the "SPNEGO+GSS-API+Kerberos V5" scheme
> popularized by IE and now well-supported in Firefox.  I used the jGSS
> code in JDK 1.5, so this was a pretty quick 80-lines of code to glue
> Negotiate processing to Wicket.  The "three-headed" Kerberos setup I
> tested was (1) Firefox 2 and IE 7 (2) Wicket app (3) and Apache
> Directory.

This is great! Especially as we already are using Wicket in Triplesec
and want to use it more.

> I wanted to check where the best home for this code is.  I followed
> the layout of the "signin" and "signin2" apps in Wicket Examples, so
> one possibility is a contribution to Wicket.  But, 90% of the
> difficulty is in the configuration of Kerberos, so I think it makes
> the most sense to maintain at Directory.  The code is commented and
> ready to commit.  I would do a Confluence page to detail, from
> scratch, how to set this up.
> Any objections to my committing this to Directory?  Would it be a
> module in trunk or something I put in my sandbox, maybe until you get
> to review a TBD Confluence page?

We are generally putting such stuff at DIRxSBOX space so that we can
review or not publish until it's mature (well I do not say all the
content in other spaces are mature). Stefan has such an effort here
for example:

And for the package structure, I think it can be in an
'examples.wicket' package in Kerberos code. Stefan may have more ideas
here as he's already doing some similar stuff these days.


> Enrique


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