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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject [ApacheDS][Documentation] Changes to internal composition of the Basic User's Guide
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 08:56:34 GMT
Hi all,

I tried to improve the composition of the Basic User's Guide (BUG) by
using some Confluence macros. Here is the list of changes I made over
all the document:

* Created intermedia navigation pages to reflect the hierarchical
structure of the guide.
* Moved all content pages under related intermediate pages.
* Used children macros in all these intermedia pages.
* Used scrollbar macros in all pages.
* Replaced hand crafted TOC in the main document page with a children macro.
* Replaced all hand crafted TOCs and anchor entries in all content
pages with toc macros.

After the new organization something a bir disturbing is the
navigation structure which does not create next/previous links to
pages of upper levels. See this problem here for example:

But I think it's not very critical. Currently the structure of the
guide is more flexible to changes and includes less wiki code to

We may try to improve it more or build some previous constructs again
if you have any suggestions.


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