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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: [OSGi] Implementing OSGi for 1.5
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2007 18:28:07 GMT
IMO if including the osgi metadata in the jars won't break anything  
else we should put it in right away.  It doesn't need to work  
completely or even partially.  I think that one of the benefits of  
the osgi effort even for non-osgi uses is that it encourages cleaner  
division of responsibility between jars and again IMO anything that  
makes problems in this area visible even if they don't get fixed  
immediately is a good thing.

I would not support forcing anyone to change their coding style for  
public/private method access, use of getter/setters etc in order to  
use OSGI.  I do think that generating classloading metadata is a good  

david jencks

On Feb 10, 2007, at 9:47 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

> John E. Conlon a écrit :
>> Hi Alex,
>> Thanks for the comments.  See inline for responses.
>> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>>> Doing this means committing to OSGi and I'm not going to be too  
>>> comfortable with doing this until I see:
>> We can look at this two ways.  From one perspective we would not  
>> be committing 'fully' to OSGi, as the decorated metadata would not  
>> affect the behavior of the jars as they operate today.
>> One of the big issues for the OSGi community today is to convince  
>> library providers to add a few lines of metadata to their jars  
>> artifacts so they could also be used in OSGi projects.   So from  
>> this perspective I guess I am trying to convince us to 'at least'  
>> to make our jars OSGi friendly.
>> ...
> Hi John, Alex,
> First of all, I have to say that OSGi effort is valuable, and we  
> have to thank you, John, for you dedication and continuous effort  
> regarding it during those last months.
> I want to address some of Alex concerns, and also give you my  
> opinion on the next few steps, and months. During last Apache  
> Conference, we have announced the first release of Apache Directory  
> Server (1.0) and Mina has become a TLP, separated from Directory.  
> We also included three sub-projects into Apache DS :
> - triplesec,
> - mitosis,
> - ldap studio
> This was a lot of work, and a lot of little things to manage (and  
> you know that it takes more time to manage many little things that  
> one big thing).
> We are currently preparing a 1.0.1 release of ADS (a bug fix),  
> quickly followed by a 1.5.0 release, with a new Schema Management  
> feature (plus Java 5 support). We also have to make Mitosis stable  
> for may (or even better, before may !). The site has been totally  
> redesigned - thanks to Ersin, pam and many contributors-, and the  
> documentation has been improved - thanks to Stefan and Christine -.  
> Again, this was a lot of work.
> As Alex stated, I think this time for dust to settle a little bit.  
> We have a damn loaded roadmap since ApacheCon EU (may 1st), and I'm  
> not sure we may dedicate enough attention to OSGification of ADS  
> before this date.
> What I would suggest is that we should put this OSGification on the  
> roadmap starting on may, 4th, when we will be able to back it. This  
> is really true that if you don't get committers attention, then it  
> will be hard time (many complaints to be expected ...).
> I'm sorry to admit that I didn't had a minute to follow up your  
> work, and I didn't had time to read anything about OSGi during last  
> year. My bad... I really want to jump into it, as I think it will  
> help us on many aspect.
> So, can't we wait 3 more months before we jump into OSGi for ADS?  
> If you feel being ready, and that we should at least fulfill some  
> first steps that won't harm the project, then I will be pleased to  
> follow your instructions (like adding meta-info into the jars), but  
> you will have to be very explicit about what we must do, because we  
> will be like babies doing our first steps : keep the way really  
> clear of any bump and traps :)
> I don't want to slow you down, I just want to express my concern to  
> be unable to dedicate enough time for this task in the next few  
> months. And I guess this is also a concern for many others ADS  
> committers...
> It's just that, well, I feel like having run a marathon, and having  
> to run another one right now...
> Hopefully, I'll be off for two weeks, so I will be in better shape  
> when I'll be back ;)
> Emmanuel

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