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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Testing] Coping with so many integration tests
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2007 22:10:12 GMT

The integration testing is being performed
on the same workstation as I'm developing on.

When I run the whole build from my local workstation,
it takes forever, and 
the MTV's spring break coverage does not start until

Assuming I got the concern right, 
I would think checking out the 
build and just running individual
unit tests for local subproject changes
would solve the MTV spring break coverage scenario.

Then we could have a Contiuum/Whatevva build server
that checks out the Subversion trunk an runs the
entire build nightly, with a fresh report every

People can run the same server locally too ofcoarse,
perhaps on a different machine.

- Ole

--- Alex Karasulu <> wrote:

> Hi,
> The number of integration tests are growing large
> (we have hundreds) as 
> we get more coverage for the server and the
> functionality increases. 
> These tests start and stop apacheds and clean out
> working directories on 
> each run so they can take a while especially if a
> test case has lots of 
> tests in it.
> I have two ideas on how to ameliorate these
> problems.  One is short term 
> and the other long term.
> First the short term solution.  I found that I can
> create large 512K ram 
> drives (do not try more than 512K it does not work)
> then combine them 
> together using RAID to make a large disk.  After
> having done this test 
> case classes that took 20 seconds started to take 4
> seconds instead. 
> Not bad but still not ideal since we have so many
> tests.  This however 
> does not have that many drawbacks besides still
> taking 9 minutes and 49 
> seconds to run all the integration tests.
> Long term solution:  See if we can modify the
> surefire plugin for 
> distributed operation.  It would be easy to have a
> java daemon that can 
> run maven on various projects.  Commands can be sent
> to this to setup 
> and run individual test case classes.  The
> distributed surefire plugin 
> would simply queue operations and collect the
> results from several 
> machines.  This way you get serious parallelism
> especially if you have 
> many machines.  With four machines the time could be
> cut down to 2 and a 
> half minutes.
> Thoughts?
> Alex
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