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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: [Kerberos] Kerberos + Wicket
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 02:30:54 GMT
On 2/18/07, David Jencks <> wrote:
> ...
> On a conceivably related note, triplesec has some nasty code to try
> to find a sun or ibm kerberos LoginModule.... do you have one or know
> how to write one?  I think having our own would be pretty handy.

Wait ... can you clarify?  I wrote a LoginModule once but I think it
was just to get out of having to use the JDK's configuration system
(conf files, properties ...).  I realized just now that maybe you
meant writing an entire Kerberos client that didn't rely on underlying
com.sun classes.  In which case, we've talked about doing that for a
long time, most notably so we could support OTP's, IDfusion,
authorization payload, smart cards, or modern configuration
mechanisms.  As with our other server protocols, we have a lot of the
guts to do a client library.

Is a Kerberos client implementation what you asking for?


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