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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [VOTE] Release ApacheDS 1.0.1
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 22:08:53 GMT
Hi all,

It has been 4 month since we have released ADS 1.0.0.

I think it's time to fire off a vote to release ApacheDS 1.0.1

Many bugs have been fixed since, some of them being very serious (28 
bugs have been fixed) :
Bugs : - init script fails 
due to missing commands "success" and "failure" - Referrals returned 
as regular entries after server restart - schema checking - Can't provide an 
instanceId with ServerStartupConfiguration - Restart required 
after changing password - Adding another 
value to an attribute results in the value to be added twice - The server fails 
to handle subtree refinement membership references in entries upon 
object class changes - Attribute names 
are being lowercased again instead of being returned AS-IS - Typo in all OID 
bases of all Apache schema entities. - jpegPhoto 
attribute is returned as a String by SearchResultEntry - Infinite loop 
while parsing a bad filter - Filter parser does 
not accept AND and OR filters with only one child filter - ACI parser hangs 
when using rangeOfValues with nested filter - Requesting 
collective attributes fails - 
getMessageTypeName() of LdapMessage returns wrong name for CompareResponse - Collective 
attributes are not injected upon polymorphic queries - Collective 
attributes should not be editable over regular entries they are injected to - Collective 
attributes should be prevented from being added to any entry whose type 
is not collectiveAttributeSubentry - Problem decoding 
search filter - Spliting LDIF 
lines does not work correctly - venderVersion 
attribute contains maven placeholder as value - Windows Installer 
overwrites configuration - Trying to modify 
operational attributes does not cause appropriate errors - Importing Ldif 
files with apachedsTools seems to be impossible with some valid files - NPE in DnNormalizer - Storing byte[] 
values for textual AT is possible even if not allowed - NPE if launching 
ADS without any parameter
Improvement : - Simplify default 
server.xml by using another property setting style for simple values and 
We might wait a little while for MINA 1.0.2, which is being voted at the 
moment, in order to include it into ADS.

A last point : we will run VSLDAP against this version, but we are 
pretty sure that we won't have any problem with it : 1.0.1 will be 

For current users, we will also provide a migration path to avoid 
loosing data or configuration in the process.

So let's vote now :

[ ] +1 Release ApacheDS 1.0.1
[ ] 0 Abstain
[ ] -1 Don't release ApacheDS 1.0.1

Thanks to everyone, committers, users, and contributors alike for 
allowing us to reach this point!


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