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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Referral handling for DIRSERVER-806
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 14:36:44 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> In my mind, you just did the good choice. Let's consider the situation 
> where a user can ask for the 'ref' attribute :
> - he asks for all the operationnal attributes ( filter = '+' )
> - he asks for 'ref' explicitely
> - he get a referral entry, and only if he added the ManageDsaIT control.
> - he has created an entry with the 'extensibleObject' OC and added a 
> 'ref' attribute to this entry, using it for other purpose than referrals 
> management
> for the 3 first cases, we don't really care about returning 'ref' all 
> the time : the user will only get it for found referrals, and only if he 
> has added the ManageDsaIT control. Especially for case 1 and 2, there is 
> no way he can get a 'ref' attribute (just because referral wont be 
> returned as entries if the ManageDsaIT is not passed to the server).
> For case 4, well, I don't think we should bother. At least for 1.0.1. 
> And even for 1.0.2. Let's postpone such a case for 1.5.0 (anyway, doe 
> sit harm someone that a get the 'ref' attribute when he deliberatly 
> added it into a special entry?)

I don't think so and the possibilities for this are extremely rare.  If 
the problem arises and a user files an issue with it we can then deal 
with it.

We now have a good history log with this email thread if it does arise 

Thanks Emmanuel


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