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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [Press] For LS Release
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 01:52:16 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> What about "The Ldap ..." ? :)
> Any english native around there ?

 > On 2/12/07, *Ersin Er* < <>>
 > wrote:
 >     Seems nice.
 >     Just a little correction:
 >     For the phrase "a LDAP related tooling platform" you need to replace
 >     'a' with 'an' I think. It may be also good to tell that this is this
 >     first public release.

Using "an" would be more proper I think Ersin is right here.

Let me add some advice but please just take it as that, I don't know 
what is best because somethings are a matter of opinion.

Second paragraph (opinion):

"particularly well suited for use" sounds better than saying 
"particularly designed".  Here's why this comes to mind.  I like other 
don't want people to think this tool is just for ApacheDS.  If we say it 
was designed for it that's stronger than saying it's well suited or 
compliments ApacheDS well.  Know what I mean?

Third paragraph (best):

Always use "Apache Directory" and not just "Directory". Might want to 
capitalize platform too because it is *the* Eclipse Platform?  Man I was 
never good at English: do I have to be :).

(opinion) Also what about referring to LDAP Studio as Apache LDAP Studio 
throughout the document?

I guess when we're comfortable here with the PR then we can just post it 
to the PRC mailing list for approval.  Then in conjunction with our 
sending it to various lists and sites, they can also send it over the 
wire for us.


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