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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: First LDAP Studio testing release ?
Date Sat, 03 Feb 2007 18:53:41 GMT

Here are some of the problems I've found ...

(1) License file should be include the licenses of all the components 
use like the one for ANTLR etc.  Also might want to use LICENSE.txt 
instead to just be consistent but this is not as much of a big deal.

See here:

"If A Distribution Contains Code Under Several Licenses, Should It 
Contain Several License Files?

No - all license information should be contained in the LICENSE file.

When a distribution contains code under several licenses, the LICENSE 
file should contain details of all these licenses. For each component 
which is not Apache licensed, details of the component and the license 
under which the component is distributed should be appended to the 
LICENSE file."

(2) There is no NOTICE.txt file in this with the proper attributions.

(3) Also you might want to let people know that this is for windows 
because of the exe in it.  Perhaps you have all these materials 
(LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt) in the resultant installation footprint. 
You might just want to offer up the exe for a windows release artifact 
and make sure these files are present in the installation footprint.

(1) see #1 above.  Also need to append license for eclipse and 
attribution for Eclipse licensed stuff.

(2) see #2 above.

(3) I see a jar here from IBM that needs an 
attribution.  Also is the license ok for this.  I have no clue what it is.

(4) We need to put the LICENSE.txt and the NOTICE.txt files into the 
META-INF of all the directory artifacts in the plugins directory.

See here:

"Raw artifacts may be distributed if they contain LICENSE and NOTICE 
files. For example, the java artifact format is based on a compressed 
directory structure and those projects wishing to distribute raw jars 
place LICENSE and NOTICE files in the META-INF directory within the jar."

Check out a project like ant built with ant to see how they include all 
this stuff automatically in the build.


I'll presume the ppc version of this tarball is pretty similar.  I have 
not had a chance to test the dmg either.

Please don't be dismayed by all these requirements.  They are things 
mandated by all Apache releases and we must make sure we abide by them. 
  However once you get your build to incorporate these things then 
releasing is much easier after the first time.


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