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From Harakiri <>
Subject Trigger on ldap search, create entry if it doesnt exists ?
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 17:08:39 GMT

i've read the guides on the apacheds HP, but im unsure
where to start - triggers seem to be right.

What i want to achieve is - unauthenticated users
search for a name (for example) - if the name is not
found in the repository/backend a trigger should
create this entry with some default values and return
the newly inserted data to the requesting user...

Can this be done ? Where should i start looking ? Has
it something to do with interceptors ? Maybe intercept
the search, search through the API by yourself - it it
doesnt exist - create - after that the interceptor
would call the "normal" search routine...

I greatly appreciate any starting hints where to look


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