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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [COLLABORATION] James
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 14:57:05 GMT
Hey Stefano,

I still need to check in the RPM Factory stuff :-)
but will point you too it as soon as I do.

I'm writing a ApacheDS Contributor Guide first.  Then
I'm going to use the checklists in there to make sure
I  dotted all the T's.

It's an eclipse documentation plugin, so should be
easy to use for James as well in case you are

So once that's done I'll double check the RPM factory
stuff, and check it in.  I'll let you know as soon as
I do.

I'm also planning to write a similar guide around the
Bootstrappers/Daemon, so that there is a design
document that all of apache can refer to, in case
other projects like Tomcat, etc. might be interested
as well.  Ideally there would be one project to
improve on that's common to all the servers,
regardless of container, etc.

> From Directory's 
> sources I guess you use jscv too, right?

Let me get back to you on that one, once the initial
draft of the design document is finished.  I like
having that as a context for everything, so that there
is something upfront to add to :-)

Ideally the RPM factory will grow into a "Apache
Server Installer Factory" and will be capable of
generating installers for all Apache Servers using a
general framework across RPMs, MS$, Debian, Solaris,

OK - back to the installer guide.  I'll copy you when
I subversion it, sometime later today hopefully :-)

- Ole

--- Stefano Bagnara <> wrote:

> Ole Ersoy ha scritto:
> > Hi (Again) Stefano,
> > 
> > I'm almost done with this Maven RPM Factory thing.
> > It's going to produce RPMs of all the libraries in
> the
> > entire Maven  Ibiblio Repository, so that both
> > ApacheDS and James can be installed with with Yum.
> > Once that's done, I need to start looking at the
> > Daemon installer for ApacheDS, so that the main
> server
> > RPM installer containing all the package
> dependencies
> > and the Daemon running code can be generated.
> Hi Ole,
> I don't have any knowledge of the current Directory
> installer/daemon module.
> Unfortunately (imho ;-) ) James still uses ant for
> its main goals. We 
> have a working pom.xml but we are only using maven2
> for site generation 
> purpose (e.g: the pom does not use our real
> dependencies, but tests 
> passes). We are just moving to modularised build and
> splitting our 
> repository/sources into modules but we are sticking
> to ant-1.7 (even if 
> I will probably keep the poms updated for this). We
> don't have james 
> artifacts under any maven repository.
> I just looked at a local source snapshot from some
> months ago and I see 
> you have a bootstrappers and a plugin sub-modules.
> The plugin module 
> seems mostly Directory agnostic I guess most of that
> resources could be 
> directly used in James too.
> In current trunk we added support for jscv to be
> able to use 
> commons-daemon to run James as unpriviledged user.
> From Directory's 
> sources I guess you use jscv too, right?
> We also use "Tanuki Software" Wrapper to run as a
> service under windows. 
> I guess we could probably rely on jscv_win and
> installer tools (from 
> plugin folder) to do the same, right?
> I don't know if I can help in any way, but I'm
> interested in following 
> your action and eventually work on the needed steps
> to create a proposal 
> to have james to use the same installer/daemon code.
> Can you point to 
> the repository where I can look at what you are
> doing?
> Thank you for the synergy :-)
> Stefano
> > I noticed that you were interested in having
> > installers generation capabilities for James
> similar
> > to those of ApacheDS, so please let me know if you
> > would like me to have a look at the James Daemon
> > process as well.  I'm hoping there is a way to
> combine
> > the process for both ApacheDS and James.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > - Ole

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