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From Stefano Bagnara <>
Subject Re: [OSGi] Implementing OSGi for 1.5
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2007 18:46:58 GMT
Ole Ersoy ha scritto:
> Hey Guys,
> It looks like James (Apache Mail Server) has done a
> lot of research on XBean and OSGi already.

Hi Ole, I'm a James PMC member,

Well, we did not really much research. One fine day Alan Cabrera 
suggested us to move to maven2+xbean: someone liked the idea, someone 

At that time XBean was at an early stage and spring 2 was not out yet (I 
say this because I'm under the impression that XBean changed enough with 
the introduction of spring 2, but I may be wrong).

So we never really evaluated XBean seriously. The same apply to OSGi.
The only real/concrete step we did has been some experimentation with 

> It sounds like they are favoring OSGi over XBean due
> in part to it being standardized through JCP.  It also
> sounds like there is an XBean facade for OSGi.

Maybe this is "old news": now I think the key is that XBean runs on 
spring2 and there is a promising spring-osgi support.

It is indeed true that many JAMES PMC committers expressed favourable 
opinions against OSGi (nothing more than this).

> Here's a link to the James thread, starting where the
> discussion gets goooood.
> Incidentally - Since they seems to be doing a lot of
> work around this already, I think it would make sense
> to combine our efforts with respect to Alex's list
> below.

I just read this article and I liked it very much:

This increased my believing that spring-osgi is probably the way to go.

I would like to understand what XBean provides on top of this or what 
the are really doing but I found it difficult to understand what is the 
XBean roadmap from their website/jira.

Unfortunately we didn't do any work. Btw I'm really interested in this 
and in my TODO list I have "Understand XBean<->SpringOSGi relationship".


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