I'm a bit behind the times with this stuff.  Could you give me a lay person's description of what this ecore model is?  Right now it sounds like meta data for generating SDOs that persistent data objects.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also I have some questions:

(1) Can we use an ecore model to generate SDOs for LDAP?

(2) Can we (in LDAP Studio an RCP application) read an LDAP schema and generate SDOs and/or simple beans for the objectClasses defined in that LDAP schema?

There will be 2 forms of schema data:
   (a) Schema data in the OpenLDAP format within an LDAP schema file
         which does not include complex constructs like DITStructureRules,
         DITContentRules, Syntaxes, MatchingRules and NameForms.  OpenLDAP
         schema files usually just have objectClass and attributeType definitions.
   (b) Schema data pulled from an LDAP server which includes all the schema types.
         Why is this important?  Well these extra objects determine things like what
         attributes can be used in a relative name for example and can effect the DSO
         that needs to be generated.

Why am I thinking about all this stuff? 

Many of us I am sure envision LDAP Studio to become more than just an LDAP browser with a pretty LDAP schema editor.  I see it as a platform to easy the development of LDAP driven applications and as an administrative tool to manage directories.  Something tells me this ecore/ems stuff is very advantageous to assist in making LS a sweet LDAP design tool. 

I've had a personal pie in the sky dream WRT all this stuff.  I've always wanted a slick LDAP schema design tool that allows a user to graphically design LDAP schema like we do for RDBMS schema using UML modeling tools.  In addition to generating/pushing the schema directly into an LDAP server I'd like to see LS capable of generating code as these DSOs for example for the LDAP schema. 

Can you see how incredible this would be for users to launch LS, design their schema and press a button to generate a library that contains all the DSOs they need to directory enable their applications?

(3) Can we achieve this vision with these eclipse modeling tools within LDAP Studio?

It seems to me you have the know how to determine first if this is at all possible.  Secondly, I am hoping if this is possible you can and others on this team can figure out a means for us to materialize the vision.

There is nothing like this as far as I know.  The closest thing I ever saw was a facility M$ added to visio after buying it to draw Active Directory diagrams.  However according to my knowledge (about 2 years ago) these diagrams could not generate schema or any kind of library for use in applications.

So the potential for a tool like this IMO is massive.  It could finally make developers comfortable enough to avoid forcing data into relational databases and instead put them where they belong in LDAP directories.


On 1/30/07, Ole Ersoy <ole_ersoy@yahoo.com> wrote:
I checked in an emf ecore and genmodel
for the triplesec model concepts
we've been discussing:


A series of eclipse plugins, containing the model,
adapters for communicating between swt and the model,
and an editor can be generated using generate all
on the genmodel root.

SDOs can also be generated for this model.

Here's a good SDO article for those interested.


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