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Subject Re: Mitosis Advice
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 16:31:57 GMT

I think I found and fixed the bug... but would like your comments before I proceed :-)

I found that if a directory entry had child entries that had previously been removed and marked
as deleted by the replication inteceptor, then it could not be deleted:
    From JXplorer: "Javax.naming.ContextNotEmptyException: [LDAP: error code 66 - failed to
delete entry]"

This is because the nextInteceptor.list() method does not return an attribute array (I guess
for optimisation?) and therfore the DELETED_ENTRIES_FILTER never filtered the 'marked as deleted'
entries... hence the ContextNotEmptyException.

I made the following change to the list() method.  It appears to work but I am uncertain about
and side effects and/or efficiency.

I'd appreciate any comments.

My list() in ReplicationService:

    public NamingEnumeration list( NextInterceptor nextInterceptor,
        LdapDN baseName ) throws NamingException
        if ( log.isDebugEnabled(  ) )
            log.debug( "list(" + baseName + ")" );

        // NamingEnumeration e = nextInterceptor.list( baseName );
        // SPT 4/1/7 - 
        // The list method does not return attributes required by the Constants.DELETED_ENTRIES_FILTER
        //     So use search instead...
        DirContext ctx = ( DirContext ) InvocationStack.getInstance(  ).peek(  )
                                                       .getCaller(  );
        NamingEnumeration e = baseName,
                ctx.getEnvironment(  ),
                new PresenceNode( Constants.OBJECT_CLASS_OID ),
                new SearchControls(  ) );

        return new SearchResultFilteringEnumeration( e, new SearchControls(  ),
            InvocationStack.getInstance(  ).peek(  ),
            Constants.DELETED_ENTRIES_FILTER );



22 December 2006 16:16
To: "Apache Directory Developers List" <>
From: "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject: Re: Mitosis Advice

On 12/22/06, < > wrote:
I have a couple of issues using Mitosis and wondered if anyone can help?

1.  Data that is loaded into DS via an LDIF file at startup does not get replicated... why?

It is because LDIF import at stratup bypasses all interceptors AFAIK.
2.  Data loaded via an LDIF file at startup cannot be deleted as (I think!) it can't be identified
by the replication inteceptor and hence throws an exception or false method return? 
From JXplorer: "Javax.naming.ContextNotEmptyException: [LDAP: error code 66 - failed to delete

It seems like it's a bug.  Please think Mitosis as a new born baby; it has a lot of problems
for now, and we will fix them.  For now, I am focusing writing documentation for Mitosis so
everyone can get involved.  Please stay tuned if you are interested in contribution. 

Is this a problem with the order in which I register the inteceptors?  Is the LDIF import
implemented using an inteceptor or does it bypass part of the usual add/remove/modify and
that's why replication is bypassed? 

It is just because all interceptors are bypassed rather than because such a complex problem.
 The reason was because of the authorization interceptor that prevents statup load of the
LDIF file when it's first statup happens with non-superuser credential. 

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