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From "EXT-Sullivan, John P" <>
Subject Do I need a custom partition?
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 01:25:57 GMT
Hello all!  I have my ApacheDS server running and I can connect to it
using uid=admin,ou=system.  I'm trying to load some test data (via an
.ldif file) in order to play around with it a bit more and wonder if
there is an easy way to create another partition (say
dc=cs,dc=boeing,dc=com for example) so that the ldif import will take
without failing.  I understand there is a programmatic way to do this: , but also wonder
if there is a command-line tool or 3rd party console that can make this
happen with less work (haven't had much luck with jxplorer).
Any ideas out there?  :-)

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