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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r497896 - /directory/sandbox/oersoy/collaboration.platform.documentation/cookbook.apt
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 19:35:25 GMT
Hey Emmanuel,

All those are excellent points.

Especially the one about what is the 
right system to use and finding agreement.
That's what I'm pushing for.  An agreement
to use the Eclipse help system for documentation
and collaboration within the context of the cookbook
document in subversion.

Just so I understand better, which one of the cookbook
items would you recommend that I put in JIRA and what
is the benefit (I understand the things about tracking
etc. but I'm missing how they apply in this context)?

As you noted, I'm just sticking with the
challenge/solution/discussion format right now
because it's a simple template for me to use, that I
can easily pull information from later.  I also think
it's a very effective way to focus on something.

The ultimate goal with respect to it is to be able to
have these types of discussions, and have them tied
directly to and end deliverable document.  That way
the design rationale and the deliverable document are
tightly coupled.  Sort of like javadocs and code...

- Ole

--- Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

> Hi Ole,
> looking at your first commits (welcome in the
> pleasure dome :), I'm just
> wondering if the Challenge/Solution/discussion
> wouldn't be better filled as
> JIRA's ?
> In my mind, JIRA is not only for bugs, but also a
> very good tools to submit
> Features, Tasks, Improvments and Wishes (all such
> categories which describe
> very clearly what you intend to do when so called
> 'challenge' is pretty much
> a catch all)
> You can also trace the status (is it inprogress,
> closed, etc) and you can
> event add some comments and describe the solution.
> Even commits of code can
> be automatically linked to JIRA if you add the JIRA
> number in the commit''s
> comment.
> We have great tools, what about using them?
> Of course, if you think that JIRA, for a reason or
> another does not fit your
> need, we can discuss this point further. (there is
> no silver bullet ...)
> The point I want to raise is that, as a team, we try
> to collaborate as much
> as possible. We do it through tools (JIRA, ML,
> Confluence, Maven, Subversion
> ...). We can define and use new tools, but the best
> thing would be to find a
> kind of agreement around them: keep in mind that you
> should not be the only
> one working with your own tools : this is not "the
> Apache way" (tm).
> No offense at all, I'm just trying to check if I
> have missed something about
> these 'challenge' things :)
> -- 
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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