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From "Marc Boorshtein" <>
Subject Re: TCP service not shutting down cleanly
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 13:15:18 GMT
On 1/30/07, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> I attached some test code for reproducing the problem.
> So far, I couldn't reproduce the problem using it, but I believe what it
> does is almost same with what ApacheDS does.  I suspect it is a platform
> dependent problem which is not directly related with MINA.

Sorry I haven't had a chance to follow up on this,  The shutdown code
from apacheds is working well.  The issue only seems to occur when the
process is killed before the shutdown code can be executed.

The issue does occur on both Fedora Core 5 and Fedora Core 6.  The
only thing that would have me disagree with your assertion is that I
didn't have this issue with the MINA that came with apacheds 0.9.8.

> Marc, please run the test code I've created and let me know the result and
> the difference from the real scenario, if there's any difference.  And,
> please try again with the latest snapshot ( 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT).

Will probably not be able to get to this until this weekend, but will do.

Thanks for the follow up!


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