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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Checklist] Current Code Submission Checlist Documents?
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2007 02:04:48 GMT
<snip: confluence>
OK - I'll put a link to the apt generated html :-)

It opens directly from subversion anyways.

As soon as I find those extra 36 hours in the day, I'm
going to make an Eclipse plugin that is pulls xsd
template schemas from a (Maven like) repository and
automatically produces sample instance documents for 
documenting in a standardized template format.

Then I need another mojo that produces corresponding
eclipse plugin documentation in a larger context.

Then we can keep documentation tied tightly to a
project, subversion it, and gain all the benefits I
put in the Eclipse Help System proposal.

The 100% method will be very straight forward once the
tooling is done.  I'll hold off on discussing anymore,
because I want the paper to be the context for it.

The main thing I want comitters to understand is the
methodology.  Doing the methodology by hand could be a
little tricky :-), 

The other benefit is that there will be a clearly
defined unambiguous doable unit testing goal for the

<snip: following in other's footsteps:>
Yeah - the unit testing lines to total code lines
ratio is slightly skewed right now :-)

So I would think of the checklist as reflecting the
goal and approach of where we want to be.

Personally I would also expect us to come together and
review and agree on a set of standards so that we all
do them.

That said the primary criteria should be for these to
make us more efficient, ofcoarse.

If you would like a hint besides the JUnit discussion
around the testing automation, check out:

These guys were also in the JUnit discssion btw :-)

- Ole

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