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From "Avneet Singh" <>
Subject getting DISTINCT attribute values
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 21:48:49 GMT
Hello & Happy New Year..
Question..How can i get list of distinct values for a given attribute in a
node in ApacheDS

For e.g If I want to know list of distinct 'departmentNumber' my users
belong to, how can I do that?
Querying all users and finding this programitically would be too much memory
and time consuming.(and not feasible for large user base)
My real requirement is to get list of all dynamic groups in ADS (in above
example 'Deparments' is the dynamic groups identified by the attribute
'departmentNumber'. That's why I need list of unique departmentNumbers.)

Does ApacheDS provides a way to do this??

Avneet Singh

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