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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [Logo contest]
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 03:21:30 GMT
Hi Richard,

Richard Wallace wrote:
> I'm having a tough time deciding.  I like the inverted tree of C11,
> but I wonder if the branding we want is as "Apache DS" or "Apache
> Directory" or "Apache Directory Server".  On the main site,
>, it's called the "Apache Directory
> Project", of which "Directory Server" is a subproject.

Yes we need different logos.  One for ApacheDS and one for Apache 
Directory the TLP.  Ersin noted this ... we're using the ApacheDS logo 
that people like for all projects.

> my money, I like just "Apache Directory" because there are cases where
> the directory parts might be embedded in other applications as a
> backend and not be used in a server mode.  Saying "Apache Directory
> Server" implies to me that it is only a server application, not
> necessarily something I could embed.

Interesting point.  Someone had mentioned making a subproject for an 
enhanced for embedding version of ApacheDS to differentiate between the 
stand alone server product from a scaled down embedded version of it.

Might be something worth considering.

> Just my 2c.

Much appreciated.


> Rich
> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> I think this is just about everybody.  Perhaps we can here from
>> Enrique, John, and Richard Wallace and a couple others.  Then we
>> can close this up so we can release the new site style sheet with
>> the logo.
>> I guess we can always replace the logo on the site so it should not
>>  hold us up.  Is everyone OK with that?
>> Alex
>> On 1/30/07, *Stefan Seelmann* <
>> <>> wrote:
>> C11 with modification: move the two leafes and the ApacheDS writing
>> to the left C6 is my second choice
>>> Hi happy ADS community !!
>>> what about a logo contest ?
>>> You can post comment on this page, add some proposals, or vot by
>>> replying this mail.
>>> Here is the wiki page where you can find the logos :
>>> Thanks a lot !
>>> -- Cordialement, Emmanuel L├ęcharny
>>> <> < >

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