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From Richard Wallace <>
Subject Re: [Logo contest]
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 16:13:00 GMT
I'm having a tough time deciding.  I like the inverted tree of C11,
but I wonder if the branding we want is as "Apache DS" or "Apache
Directory" or "Apache Directory Server".  On the main site,, it's called the "Apache Directory
Project", of which "Directory Server" is a subproject.

If we put aside the branding issue, I like C11 the most and B2 second.

I think the question of branding is an important one, because whatever
is put in the logo is probably how people will refer to the project,
be it as "Apache Directory Server" or simply "Apache Directory".  For
my money, I like just "Apache Directory" because there are cases where
the directory parts might be embedded in other applications as a
backend and not be used in a server mode.  Saying "Apache Directory
Server" implies to me that it is only a server application, not
necessarily something I could embed.

Just my 2c.


Alex Karasulu wrote:
> I think this is just about everybody.  Perhaps we can here from
> Enrique, John, and Richard Wallace and a couple others.  Then we
> can close this up so we can release the new site style sheet with
> the logo.
> I guess we can always replace the logo on the site so it should not
>  hold us up.  Is everyone OK with that?
> Alex
> On 1/30/07, *Stefan Seelmann* <
> <>> wrote:
> C11 with modification: move the two leafes and the ApacheDS writing
> to the left C6 is my second choice
>> Hi happy ADS community !!
>> what about a logo contest ?
>> You can post comment on this page, add some proposals, or vot by
>> replying this mail.
>> Here is the wiki page where you can find the logos :
>> Thanks a lot !
>> -- Cordialement, Emmanuel L├ęcharny
>> <> < >

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