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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Connection refused?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 07:28:38 GMT
wolverine my a écrit :

> Hi!
> When I test the ApacheDS with JMeter (simulating 1000 users), there
> are some exceptions as shown below:
> 1169011310793,0,Thread Bind,800,javax.naming.CommunicationException:
> localhost:10389 [Root exception is
> Connection refused: connect],Thread Group 1-455,text,false,
> What could be the possible cause of this exception?
> Could it because of the it exceeded the maximum session?
Well, you migth exhaust the server capacity at this point. It depends on 
how is your test designe d:
- do you have 1000 simltunaous users
- do they requests again as soon as they get the previous response
- are your jmeter clients on other machines
- which kind of requests do you use

Considering all those parameters, and considering that we dedicate a 
limited number of thread to handle incoming requests, yes, you may have 
reached this limit. However, this is something quite usual for a server 
: http server might also reject connexion under very heavy load (ok, it 
won't be with 1000 clients, but it also depends on what you are running 

There is a maxThreads parameter in the server.xml file, you might want 
to change its value to increase the number of threads handling the 
incomming requests.

  <bean id="configuration" 
    <property name="workingDirectory" value=""/>
    <property name="maxThreads" value="8"/>    <------ change this value 
if needed.

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