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From "Christine Koppelt" <>
Subject Re: Kerberos *usage* doco
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 11:46:52 GMT
Hi Enrique,

I moved over the whole protocol providers doco including the Kerberos
stuff to the cwiki directory sandbox space a while ago. I would like
to see it becoming part of the Advanced User's Guide
 and it would be great if you could overwork and expand it a bit.



2007/1/22, Enrique Rodriguez <>:
> I have a question for the community about Kerberos documentation.  I
> have a pile of Kerberos doco in Confluence at Safehaus and in a
> personal Confluence repo.  Some of this doco is about *using*
> Kerberos; that is to say, independent of the Kerberos implementation,
> be it MIT, Active Directory, or Apache Kerberos.  For example, using
> Kerberos for authentication with 'ssh' or 'smbclient'.
> Now that we have Confluence for the Directory project, I'm wondering
> if it would be desirable at Directory as part of a general Kerberos
> doco effort or if it is too tangential to the specific Kerberos
> implementation we have here.  In short, should I move it over to the
> Directory project?  My feeling is that, as a means to building general
> Kerberos community, it should be moved over.  Thoughts?
> Enrique

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