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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [Documentation] New System Proposal
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:37:54 GMT
Hey Guys,

I just looked into what it would take to
have our documentation reside in the eclipse 
help system.

Here's a link to the document I'm using to describe
the cookbook items for this type of effort:

In there I've listed the benefits of this approach and

various other cookbook items to get us going.

I'll paste the benefits parts below anyways, since I
believe this will make us more effective.

- Ole


     Understanding the benefits of using the eclipse
help system
     for our documentation effort.


     TODO Fix link later.


     - Simple navigation.
     - Makes sense with respect to the LDAP Studio
eclipse plugin.
     - Ability to check out, update and resubmit
content, structure, and formatting documents.
     - Separation of content and format
     - CSS controlled styling.
     - Separation of content and structure.
     - XML descriptors for structure documents.
     - Ability to work on documentation in tool of
     - Ability to work in personally chosen
     - Subversioned documentation.
     - Quick contribution of individual document to
     - Simplified content management.
     - Better documentation visibility.
     - Integrated lucene based searching.
     - Rapid recreation of documentation in other
     - One common model for all microformatted
     - Open source documentation platform for rapid
introduction of new documentation capabilities.
     - Project centric documentation location.
     - Zero effort with integration of apache
documentation into eclipse.

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