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From Tino Schwarze <>
Subject Re: Why does LDAP studio display no subentries?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 10:03:47 GMT
On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 07:41:32PM +0100, Stefan Seelmann wrote:

> could you take a look what happens at the wire using Ethereal? Could you
> record the request and response
> 1.) when you click on "cn=Benutzerverwaltung"

I get the following from ethereal:
- Base DN: cn=Benutzerverwaltung (should be
  cn=Benutzerverwaltung, )
- Scope: Base
- Filter: objectClass=*
- Attribute: *
- Attribute: objectClass

> 2.) when you expand "cn=Benutzerverwaltung"

- Base DN: cn=Benutzerverwaltung (should be
  cn=Benutzerverwaltung, )
- Scope: Single
- Filter: objectClass=*
- Attribute: *
- Attribute: hasSubordinates
- Attribute: objectClass

I looked at the responses generated by expanding "ou=system" and
"" and the distinguished names are different. When I
expand "ou=system", the Distinguished Names sent over the wire contain
the ou=system suffix. For "" they don't.

I'm returning my results as a List of SearchResult (converted to an
ArrayNamingEnumeration). The javadoc of
SearchResult(String,Object,Attributes) says that the name is relative to
the search base, therefore I do not add "", but only
the relative DN. JXplorer handles this correctly. Hm, GQ also has a
problem with this.

I changed my code to always return the full DN and it works! :-)

> Can you check if the schema is loaded? Right-click to the connection and
> select "Open Schema Browser". The list on the left side of the Schema
> Browser must contain elements (at least on the Object Classes and
> Attribute Types tabs). You can also try to reload the schema.

The schema is loaded and looks alright. My open-EIS translated schemas
are there, the attributes look okay.




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