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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [DOCUMENTATION] Guidelines Around Using JIRA
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 22:38:52 GMT
This is random mumbling sort of...but It's here to
address the question of when to put something on

My goal is to be able to put information in one place,
and then have it automatically put in other places
where the information is also useful.

So what would be my personal guideline for putting
something on JIRA?

Bugs I think are obvious.  But wait.

What if it's a common bug, and I wanted to write
something about it in a design document, with respect
per our Code Analysis Mojos, so that we can scour our
code base looking for other instances of this bug.

So I would probably start with that type of document

Then I'd want to hit a button, and have the
corresponding JIRA entry generated, and linked back to
the content per the specific template...thus using
JIRA for effort tracking and the original document for
solution tracking.

So my conclusion is that there's lots of room for
improvement here, and I think about these things
because I'm building this type of platform, in
addition to some other things.  So I'll do the legwork
to make it happen...soon.  This is just so ya'll
understand the rationale.

Now I'm going to put this mail in a design document
and try to structure it more.

- Ole

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