Hi guys,
I will show if the shared-ldap LDIF utils could be used for the LDIF

If you need any help whith the Ldif library, just post a mail to the ML, I may help.

Does it makes sense to move the DSML parser to ldap-shared?

Sure !

There are some issues with big files in eclipse (see
https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?query_format=specific&order=relevance+desc&bug_status=__open__&product=&content=big+large+files ).
If we want to use the eclipse features (syntax coloring folding, content
assistence) this could be a real problem. The LDIF editor currently
rejects files bigger than 1MB.

Hmmm... Not sure that it make sense to edit a LDIF file which is bigger than 1MB. In my mind, what you should do is to load the entries, not the ldif file. The shared-ldap ldif tool is able to grab one entry at a time, may be we can add some kind of curser to navigate through the file without loading it in memory.

Emmanuel Lécharny