Interesting test ! (May be maven's guy could be interested in such a test)

Could you try something? Suppose you have :
TLP -> PL2 -> PL3
(PLx means Project Level x)

with a test in each level, and each test depends on a very specific version of commons-collection. For instance, PL2 use commons-collection 2.1.1 and PL3 use version 3.2.

In the PL2 test, you use ArrayEnumeration which does not exist anymore in 3.2
In the PL3 test, you use AbstractBagDecorator which does not exist in 2.1.1

Now, try to make it works with different combinations.

It could also be interesting that you push your test to your sandbox, so that we may experiment such tests without having to recreate all those poms :) (I know, i'm lazy :)

Thanks !


On 12/3/06, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:
OK - I Ran some tests.

Here's the Summary (Test description is below for
those interested).

Multi Level inheritance of dependencyManagement
elements works.

Maven requires a version to be specified on
dependencies and will not
run if they are missing.


I created a project named TLProject and added
a single JUnit Dependency to the
dependencyManagement section

I completely deleted the dependencies section.

Then I added a child project to this Project:

This project has packaging pom and no dependencies
or dependencyManagement sections.

Then I added a child project to this project.

I just removed the version and scope from the Junit

Test1: I want to know if the default test will run
Result: I now run mvn test, and it runs fine.

Test2: I want to know if it will run if I delete
the dependency in the dependencyManagement of the
TLProject.  This would mean that Maven allows
dependencies without a scope and version.
Result: I run mvn test (In the L2Project root), and I
get a Failed to Validate POM exception.  That's good.
Maven didn't just assume that I wanted the latest
version in the repository.

So we know maven requires versions on dependencies.

Multi Level inheritance of POM Dependencies work.
Maven requires versions on dependencies and will not
run if they are missing.

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