On 12/2/06, Ole Ersoy <ole_ersoy@yahoo.com> wrote:
I could say that only dependency management should be
used in the parent, and dependencies should be
explicitly listed on each kid.

That way some of the kids don't end up with
dependencies they don't really need, and we have the
benefit of being able to update the version in one

I'm not 100% bullet proof sure, but if you don't tell the sub-project to use dependency D, then it will ignore it (assuming D is declared in the top level pom.xml in the DependencyManagement section _with_ the version)

I'm leaning toward this as a best practice, because we
could have a build that has 3 modules and then we add
a 4th one, and if the parent had dependencies included
in the pom, the 4th module automatically gets them,
and maybe it didn't really want them.

What I don't know is if the packaging grab *all* the dependencies declared in the TL pom.xml, or if it just restrain it's appetite to the deps declared in the local pom.xml. I guess you can give it a try with the actual project, or with a fake project with sub-projects.