Not sure I understand all what you wrote, but considering that' i'm really tired, it's pretty expected.

However, what I guess is that you will soon be able to :
- build a list of all dependencies used by all the projects/subprojects/dependencies automatically
- build a list of all plugins and sub-plugins (and sub-sub... for i = 0 to infinity do append(-sub) ... - plugins)

and then provide a good-looking xref in a XLS or pdf format.

Am I dreaming ? Should I go to bed now or should I do more Sister Morphine to keep my eyes opened ?


On 12/1/06, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:

I may have to make your wildest dream come true.

Initially while coding the JPackage plugin
I was thinking in Single POM thoughts,
when I realized that I have to create a consolidated
model instance using all the parent POM's as well, so
that I have a completely exhaustive picture of the
project's POM elements.

So since I have to do this, I might as well code it so
that it analyzes the pom structure, and writes a
report on things that it thinks could be better.

For instance we might have the same artifact
dependency in both the parent and child pom, but with
different version numbers.

Or we may have repeated elements, which means extra
maintenance to keep things clean.

OK - I'm rolling up my sleeves and jotting down all
the rules I can think of.  Then I'll implement a
service to the mojo that creates the "Exhaustive Mojo"
and at the same time analyzes the structure and writes
a report with restructuring recommendations.

So I'm taking "Wish Requests" if anyone has burning
issues, besides the ones we have already thought of.

- Ole

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