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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: UTF-8 woes
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2006 16:43:13 GMT
AAAAAAHHHHHhhhh ! (Or is it \C3\C3\C3\C3\C3\C3HHHHHhhhh ? :)

You will have to be a little bit more explicit... How do you build your RDN?
FYI, it is supposed to be a UTF-8 encoded String, so if you are to code an
ä, you will have to :
- create a byte array containing it's counterpart (0xC3 0xa4) and do a new
String( byteArray, "UTF-8" ) before passing it to the RDN constructor
- OR do a new RDN( "\u00e4" );

never do a new RDN( "ä" ), because then the String will be considered as
ISO-8859-1 encoded  string (at least in Germany or in France, not in Turkey

Does it help you to figure out what can be the probem ?

Emmanuel L\u00e9charny :)

On 12/29/06, Tino Schwarze <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> we had an UTF-8 discussion this week, didn't we?
> I'm serving content from my open-EIS partition and UTF-8 characters get
> garbled. I see that it happends because I build a RDN for the
> SearchResult and dhe RdnParser will escape non-ASCII characters in the
> values. (Like '\C3\A4' for German Umlaut ä).
> JXplorer shows this as %5cC3%5cA4 and sends it back this way when I try
> to expand the appropiate node.
> Who is to blame and what can I do about that?
> Thanks,
> Tino.
> --

Emmanuel Lécharny

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