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From "Tim Quinn" <>
Subject Fwd: LDAP Dispatcher Servlet
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2006 21:26:32 GMT
Emmanuel wrote:
> Apache Directory Server is embadable in a java application. It is really
> simple to write a servlet which has an init() method which embed the
> server and launch it, then you will be able to authenticate incoming
> user with this servlet. The only tricky part is the place where you will
> store the data : you will need to have write access to the disk to do


I was reviewing the documentation and may have found a simpler alternative:
1) Create a custom custom authenticator.
2) Have this custom authenticator detect the dn requested and if the dn
contains a string which refers to an external auth service:
2a) Invoke a thread to authenticate to external auth service
... - else -
2b) Invoke the standard ApacheDS authentication flow

If my thoughts are correct, this would be much simpler and easier to
maintain as it utilizes documented procedures.

Happy New Year to you too Emmanuel ;^) . T

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