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From David Jencks <>
Subject TripleSec && Jacc
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2006 04:46:00 GMT
First, I'd like to thank Alex for working with the PMC to get me  
commit access so I can work on triplesec more easily.

I committed my pom cleanup which slightly extends what Alex started.

Meanwhile I've been making extensive local changes to my triplesec  
copy in line with what I've been talking about on the dev list.   
Since the implications of what I've done may not be clear yet and I  
am not really a triplesec expert yet :-) I think it would be best to  
put this work in a sandbox branch.  To make it simpler for myself  
here's what I'm going to try to do:

- apply my local changes to trunks/triplesec
- move trunk/triplesec to sandbox/triplesec-jacc
- copy triplesec rev 490644 to trunks/triplesec

If all goes well this will leave us with current triplesec in trunk  
and my experiments in sandbox/triplesec-jacc  and I won't have to  
spend hours trying to make svn switch work.

Code status on my experiments:

it builds :-)

I started using java 5 coding.

some integration tests fail... these look to me as if there are  
problems starting up the server or connecting to it... there have  
been a couple of suggestive emails lately about jndi problems.

I've changed the schema to model java permissions with constructors  
with one or two Strings and grant and deny on roles and profiles.

I think the guardian api and ldap stuff is coded but tests of new  
stuff is disabled

admin-api coding for new permission model is partly done.  Mostly  
modifications are not yet supported.

The swing admin compiles only because I commented out everything  
related to the old permission model.  I doubt I'll be able to  
complete this part without some help, I'm kind of incompetent with guis.

The SafehausPrincipal still only works with one app.

There seemed to be a lot of copies of the same server.ldif hanging  
around for testing.  After updating it for the new permission model I  
put it in a module/jar and unpack it into the server where needed for  
integration tests.  Maybe we can put the server.xml there too?

many thanks
david jencks

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