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From "Marc Boorshtein" <>
Subject Re: New Virtual Directory that uses MINA and ApacheDS...
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2006 02:02:27 GMT
> >
> > Thanks for the offer Alex, but the only part of ApacheDS MyVD is using
> > is it's LDAP protocol stack,
> Hmm that's a big part of it (about 50%).

I would tend to disagree, from a philosophical standpoint anyway.  In
MyVD the protocol stack is a pretty small piece (both code wise and
conceptually).  The LDAP stack is the interface where as the namespace
infrastructure generates the data which supports the application which
ultimately generates the value for the entire deployment.  Thats why I
didn't spend much time on the protocol stack and as ApacheDS has a
perfectly good one that was easy to integrated I went with it.

> and I eventually would like to eliminate
> > that and use just MINA
> Why would you do that?  What's the benefit?

Any proxy is going to add a lot of overhead because it needs to add at
least a single extra network call (maybe more based on how the virtual
directory is setup).  That being said, the easiest way to squeak
performance out is to minimize the amount of marshaling between data
structures going on.  Since ApacheDS and MyVD use different object
models I need to marshal from the MyVD objects to the ApacheDS objects
which adds processing time.  If I can eliminate this marshaling MyVD
will perform just that much better.

> I was talking about creating a new VD project here at Apache and not
> making this part of ApacheDS.  The VD project would be a peer of
> ApacheDS under the Directory umbrella.
> Alex

My apologizes for the misunderstanding.


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