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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: Mitosis Advice
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2006 16:15:27 GMT
On 12/22/06, <> wrote:

>  I have a couple of issues using Mitosis and wondered if anyone can help?
> 1.  Data that is loaded into DS via an LDIF file at startup does not get
> replicated... why?

It is because LDIF import at stratup bypasses all interceptors AFAIK.

>  2.  Data loaded via an LDIF file at startup cannot be deleted as (I
> think!) it can't be identified by the replication inteceptor and hence
> throws an exception or false method return?
> From JXplorer: "Javax.naming.ContextNotEmptyException: [LDAP: error code
> 66 - failed to delete entry]"

It seems like it's a bug.  Please think Mitosis as a new born baby; it has a
lot of problems for now, and we will fix them.  For now, I am focusing
writing documentation for Mitosis so everyone can get involved.  Please stay
tuned if you are interested in contribution.

>  Is this a problem with the order in which I register the inteceptors?  Is
> the LDIF import implemented using an inteceptor or does it bypass part of
> the usual add/remove/modify and that's why replication is bypassed?

It is just because all interceptors are bypassed rather than because such a
complex problem.  The reason was because of the authorization interceptor
that prevents statup load of the LDIF file when it's first statup happens
with non-superuser credential.

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