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From David Jencks <>
Subject TRIPLESEC various little problems
Date Mon, 25 Dec 2006 21:09:43 GMT
I'm running into a few more problems and questions....

1. The wiki page 
issues.html seems to indicate that some triplesec developers think  
that jdk 1.4.2 compatibility should be maintained for a while  
longer.  Not knowing this my patches have used lots of jdk 1.5  
features, mostly generics.  I can't find any discussion of this  
decision on the mailing list (doesn't mean it's not there :-).  So, I  
propose we move to jdk 1.5 and ask those wanting to run on 1.4 to use  
retrotranslator.  BTW I didn't look far but it looks to me as if  
apache harmony has a UUID implementation.

2. After lots of successful builds I discovered -Pintegration and  
started running into failures.  I find the integration tests don't  
take very long so  I'd recommend reversing the default and having to  
use -Pquick or -Pno-integration for a faster build.  I've had 2 sets  
of problems:

a.  The store tests failed AFAICT from mismatched shared-ldap  
libraries.  The ldif files were not getting read in at all.   
Eventually I gave up trying to understand which jars were being used  
and debug through those jars and switched to apacheds 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT  
and shared 0.9.6-SNAPSHOT at which point these tests started passing.

b. The guardian-ldap LdapApplicationPolicyIntegrationTest tests have  
failures.  Normally I get 3/7 failures.  However if I add a sleep here:

     protected void setUp() throws Exception
         Properties props = new Properties();

I sometimes get more failures:  Tests run: 7, Failures: 1, Errors: 6,  
Skipped: 0, Time elapsed: 8.809 sec <<< FAILURE!

I've been unable  to figure out what is supposed to be happening and  
what is happening.

3. I can't say I've looked very hard but it's not at all clear to me  
what the embedded jetty instance is doing.  Whatever it is, to use  
triplesec in an app server, I think we'd want to run under the app  
servers web container.  Is this currently configurable in some way  
that I've missed?

4. The installer build fails for me.... and it's not too clear what's  
needed to run triplesec without the installer.

I'd be particularly interested to know if the integration profile  
builds for anyone else and if the installer build works for anyone.

Many thanks
david jencks

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